About US

Buddha Vibrations is an online store where you will find distinctive collections of Jewelry, Mandala Tapestry, Beach and SofaThrows, and the best yoga products:  the best yoga pants, yoga mats, yoga athleisure wear beach throws and blankets.

Yoga Gear

We offer a unique collection of Yoga essentials; yoga mats, yoga pants, yoga blocks, yoga socks.  For your Meditation space, we offer tips on how to create an Ideal Zen space and provide products to enhance your Chi energy. Plus we provided tips for enhancing your, home or office and Lifestyle. Check out our Blog!

At Buddha Vibrations, we Celebrate the Sun and the life-giving energy of Ra.  Even though is not a good idea to spend extended hours in the sun ...Summer is upon us! It is time to gear up and get ready to soak up some Summer rays. Check out our Resort and Swimwear collection to help soak up the summer fun and sun.  

Aromatherapy for the Home or office

We feature our Aromatherapy collection where you find the best selection of home, car and office diffuser that will help to enhance your health and environment. We have a quality selection of natural essential oils and aromatherapy device that will holistically promote health and well-being. 

Crystal Infused Water Bottles

We are happy to introduce our newest Arrival Crystal Water Bottles.  Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Obsidian, Smoky Quartz are just a few of the Crystal elixirs bottles that we are showcasing. Since Ancient times, Crystal has been used in elixirs and has been accepted by cultures for thousands of years.  Buddha Vibrations was built on the belief that energy is neither created or destroyed but energy is transformed.  The water absorbs the crystal pattern and stores it and everything in the Universe has a  certain vibrational level. A crystal can essentially imprint patterns in a field of water which in turn can be passed vibrationally to a biomolecular field, like that of a person, animal, or plant.

 We have assembled some of the best collections of items that assist your Yoga needs, Yoga exercise mats, and many more unique treasures. So Come Browse, Shop, and Enjoy!