Benefits Of Yoga For Breast Cancer Survivors

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More and more women with breast cancer are diagnosed with cancer each year, sadly, but it is true. But it is also true that more and more women are surviving breast cancer. 

Researchers attribute the growing number of breast cancer survivors to raised awareness as to the symptoms of breast cancer and an increase in self-breast examination done by women.  Body awareness is key to maintaining your overall quality of life.

By performing regular self-breast examination of breast and underarm lymph nodes,can help in earlier detection of breast cancer. The number of breast cancer survivors is on the rise because of early diagnosis and effective treatment.

 Typical Conditions Post Remission Cancer Survivors

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During and after cancer treatment, the road to recovery can be very challenging.   After breast cancer surgery and chemotherapy treatments made your body feel sick and unhealthy. The side effects of treatment of the treatment for breast cancer can be draining on the mind and body to breast cancer survivors.Cancer survivor ship has a lot of health consequences that are being discovered only now as more and more people are surviving cancer.

After cancer diagnosis, surgery and chemotherapy, doctor tell you that you are in remission, you will probably feel worse than when you first learned that you had cancer. 

Survivors say that they live with pain. It is not just post-operative pain but it is often a generalized pain. 

Survivors say they after cancer treatment the experience a lot of fatigue and they can not muster the strength or energy.  Survivors say they can not find the energy to perform normal tasks because they feel extremely run down.

Survivors also say that aside from the pain and the fatigue, the most difficult thing to overcome is the worrying. They worry that the cancer will return. . 

For these reasons, breast cancer survivors do not sleep well or eat well; they feel depressed and anxious. 

How Yoga Helps Breast Cancer patients

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A US study of breast cancer survivors found that yoga, particularly the deep breathing, meditation and the slow stretching movements actually help reduce inflammation and pain. Based on a medical study 200 women participated in a study at a center for integrative health were randomly assigned to two groups. 

Half of the women agreed to practice yoga for three months. 

The other half were instructed not to practice yoga until after three months. 


Conclusion Of The Study

 When the study was over after three months, the group of women who took yoga classes reported that the pain they felt was reduced and their sleep quality improved after doing yoga for three months. 

 The group of women who did not practice yoga  reported that the pain did not decrease. The , the women provided  blood samples at three different stages during study. Blood samples were taken at the  beginning of the study, at the mid point of the study which was six weeks and then again at the end of the study after three months. The blood samples they gave were used to measure the level of blood proteins that signal inflammation. 

 After the twelve weeks  study was finished, the women were advised to incorporate yoga into their lifestyle.  The women in the study were encouraged to continue doing yoga for the health benefits. They were even asked to keep a journal about their experiences doing yoga, including the number of minutes they spent doing it. 

On the sixth month, the researchers followed-up on the women. After the six month continued the women provided  blood samples for medical study. Again the tests confirmed that the proteins in their blood were lower than the women in the study who did not do yoga. The final conclusion from the study was the meditation and deep breathing exercises allowed the women to relax and calm down. With being more relaxed, the women were able to sleep and eat better. 

The increased quality of sleep gave the women an increased feeling of vitality and they felt that they are able to do more of the things they used to do and the things they used to enjoy. 


In Conclusion

The yoga program you choose make sure it best fits your needs. Fortunately, there are many different types of Yoga that you can choose from.  You can search online for your local yoga teachers or yoga instructor.

Yoga can improve your body strength, relaxation and flexibility. Yoga provides self discipline and teaches bodily self-restraint way of keeping fit . Yoga embraces spirituality and can improve mental clarity.  Yoga has a long history and is based on Indian Philosophy. Yoga has many different forms and types of yoga. Please see the different types of Yoga as follows;

  1. Bikram yoga
  2. Ashtanga yoga
  3. Prenatal yoga
  4. Anusara yoga
  5. Vinyasa yogaI
  6. yenger yoga
  7. Jivamukti yoga
  8. Kripalu yoga
  9. Hatha yoga
  10. Karma yoga
  11. Yin yoga
  12. Ishta yoga
  13. Sivananda yoga
  14. TriyogaRaja yoga
  15. Kundaline yoga
  16. Power yoga
  17. Tantra yoga
  18. Bhakti yoga
  19. Restorative yoga

Yoga asanas are the most popular form of Yoga and can be done at home. Yoga can heal cancer or stop the cancer from coming back or from spreading; however, it can be an effective alternative to medication to decrease the pain and anxiety that unfortunately, breast cancer survivors experience. Yoga can increase a breast cancer survivor’s quality of life.

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